(virtually everything you need is here, including the manual, firmware, 
log viewer, etc):

If you are unsure of what you need, start with a CD for MS1, MS2 or MS3! 
(Please note: This is supplied on a CD with each ECU)

Code History for ExtraEFI - 
Up to Feb 2012 "V2.1.0p" for normal batch fired ECUs or "V3.003T" for semi-seq
Between Feb 2012 to Feb 2014 use "Release V3.2.1" for ALL MS2 ECUs
Between March 2014 and Oct 2014 use Release V3.3.1a for MS2 ECUs
From Nov 2014 use "Release V3.3.3" for all MS2 ECUs

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CD for MS1-Extra 029y4 Code - Current

CD for MS2-Extra Release V2.1.0 - OLD

CD for MS2-Extra V3.003T - OLD

CD for MS2-Extra Release V3.2.1 - OLD

CD for MS2-Extra Release V3.3.3 - Current

MX5 PnP CD - Current

CD for MS3 V1 - Old

CD for MS3 V1.3.3 - Current

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ECU Firmware

Please read the Important Notes before installing these! - See more here

MS1-Extra Important notes before upgrading!

MS1-Extra Code 029y4 - Current

MS2-Extra Important notes before upgrading!

MS2-Extra V2.1.0 - Old
MS2-Extra V3.003T - Old
MS2-Extra Release V3.2.1 - Old
MS2-Extra Release V3.3.1a - Old

MS2-Extra Release V3.3.3 - Current

MS3 Important notes before upgrading!

MS3 Release Code V1 - Old

MS3 Release Code V1.3.3 - Current

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