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Installing MegaTune:

If you have never installed MegaTune software before on your computer simply run the "MegaTune_Extra_Installer" program on the CD provided.

If you already have a copy of MegaTune that you have used previously on an older code (pre-029y4) and you don't want to use that code version any more then simply UN-install MegaTune before installing the latest version I have supplied on the CD.

Note: Older code versions of MegaTune will not work with later versions of code on the ECU, etc!! It is important to install the version on the CD I supply for your ECU.

If you have an older code version you wish to keep using for an older MS ECU (e.g. MS1-Extra 026h8) then you will need to save and move a couple of files before Un-install MegaTune and installing the latest version for your new MS ECU.

To do this:
• Go to c://programfiles/megasquirt/megaTune2.25/mtCfg and find the file named "msns-extra.ini" ("megasquirt-ii.ini" for MS2-Extra) this is the file that tells MegaTune what code it is going to connect to, where data is stored on the ECU, etc. You may have to change the view to Details so you can see it's an ini file.

• The file msns-extra.ini ("megasquirt-ii.ini" for MS2-Extra) is specific to your older MegaSquirt ECU code, so you'll need to move this file before UN-installing. To do this right click on it and select "copy".

• Next go up a couple of directories and into c:/programfiles/megasquirt/Car1/mtCfg, "paste" the msns-extra.ini file here ("megasquirt-ii.ini" for MS2-Extra).

• Now go back to c:/programfiles/megasquirt and rename the Car1 dir to something like 026h8 or Car2, etc. This means the UN-installer will not remove that directory, so when the new MegaTune is installed the old msq's, logs and the old code's ini file can be used by the new version of MegaTune.

• Now you can UN-install MegaTune and install the new version on the CD.

When you run the new MegaTune it will ask you which project you wish to use, so in the above example it would be 026h8 or Car1 (Car1 is the default project name MegaTune uses). You can rename them and set them both up separately, see below.

More Than One MegaSquirt:

If you have more than one MegaSquirt ECU it is possible to have different codes, temperature sensors or even another version (e.g. MS2 and MS1) for each ECU if you wish,. Or you may just wish to have the option of which one you are going to tune so it's easier to keep files (msq's and logs) separate from each ECU.

To do this you need to run MegaTune and select File -- Configurator
In this program go to "Project" -- "NEW" name the new project, e.g. Cobra then click OK.

You can also rename your original project, so it's easy to tell them apart. To do this click on "Car1" so it is highlighted (this will be the original projects default name) and then select Project -- Rename, e.g. VW_VR6.

Now you have 2 projects, when you open MegaTune it will ask you which one you wish to use (VW_VR6 or Cobra).

In order to have different codes in each (MS1 and MS2 or PnP) or maybe one for Alpha_N and one for MAP, maybe one has a wideband lambda, etc, simply open MegaTune and select File - Configurator:

In the left side of the Configurator find your project and go into Settings.ini - Settings - CODE_VARIANT
Change this to what ever code you are going to use for that project. To change other settings, e.g. Wideband lambda, etc, simply select them here too. You can set up both projects how you want them. (You can see my example has a lot of projects)

If using more than MS1-Extra and you have different temperature sensors in each car then it is also possible to set each project up so it displays the temperatures using the individual sensor's inc files. (Remember in MS2-Extra and PnP the ECU sends the temperatures to MegaTune so theres no need to do this) To do this in MS1-Extra you must have the 3 inc files that are generated in Easytherm for your sensors (see HERE for more details). In Windows open the relevant project's directory c://programfiles/megasquirt/ (e.g. Cobra) and then open the "msCfg" directory. Paste the 3 inc files into here (e.g. Cobra/mtCfg). Any files in here are used when that project (Cobra) is opened, these are selected over the files that are usually used (Megatune2.25/mtCfg) so if you wanted to use 026h8 code for one car and 029y4 for another then you can simply pop the msns-extra.ini file for that code in the project's mtCfg directory and that will be used.

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