For customers that don't have an ExtraEFI ECU then I offer a parts only upgrade service, where I supply the parts you need for the processor upgrade:

MS2 Daughter Board £150 plus £5 postage.

MS3 Daughter Board £235 plus £8 postage.

MS3X board for the MS3 is £190 with a 1m bare ended loom for the MS3X card, plus £8 postage.

New MS3 case £45 - If you have the older single height case.

For ExtraEFI ECU owners I offer an in-house upgrade service, where-by I will test the ECU, report back to you with any issues it may have and upgrade the main processor to which system you require.

MS1 to MS2 Upgrade is £150 plus £12 postage.

MS1 to MS3 Upgrade is £235 plus £12 postage

MS2 to MS3 Upgrade is £200 plus £15 postage

New MS3 case £45 - If you have the older single height case.

MS3X installation onto MS3 ECU is £190 with a 1m bare ended loom for the MS3X card, plus postage.

Price includes minor mods needed to drive existing setups, e.g. EDIS wire changes inside, etc.

Fitting and Tuning Services:


31 High Street,




TF12 5EZ.

07967 222967

Happy to quote for any work, engine swaps, supercharger/turbocharger conversions, throttle bodies fitted with an ExtraEFI MegaSquirt ECU

Can also arrange for engine rebuilds/race tuning via local engine builder if required.





07891 512664

Having years of tuning experience with virtually all aftermarket ECU's Shaun is one of the most experienced tuners that ExtraEFI knows of.

He has fitted and tuned numerous ExtraEFI MegaSquirt ECUs and is simply a no bullshit type of guy.

As you can see from the products page, there is very little profit to be made selling MS ECU's, so I work full time to pay the bills.
ExtraEFI takes up all of my evenings and a lot of my weekend, as such I do my very best to answer e-mails within 12 hours of receipt.
I can be contacted on the phone occassionaly, but it is hard to get hold of me, hence why I prefer to use email.
If you really need to talk to me then please try between 8am and 5.30pm any week day. (07789 681249)
I do have a family, so evenings (after 5.30pm) and weekends I prefer to do everything via e-mail or I will get beaten up by my wife!
Thanks for your understanding,