MS3X Expansion Card

You don't need the MS3X in order to have some of these options on an MS3 ECU (or any of the MS ECU's I sell).
Some are available as add ons to the main board without the MS3X.

This is an extra board that plugs into the MS3 daughter board. This makes the MS ECU 3 layers high:
1: Main board (V3.0 or V3.57)
2: MS3 Daughter Board
3: MS3X Expansion Board

This option is only available for the MS3 ECU and it gives you the following inputs and outputs:

8 x Logic Level Spark Outputs - These are 5V triggers for COP's with built-in ignitors (e.g. Yukon LS2) and can NOT drive a coil directly.

8 x High Current Injector Bank Drivers - These are capable of driving high impedance injectors (NOT lo-impedance)

4 x Logic Level Inputs - 3 that need to switch to ground, 1 that needs to switch to +12V. They can be used to control options like Launch, Datalogging, N2O, Switch Maps, etc.

6 x Medium Current Outputs - For controlling NOS, Idle Valves, Boost Valves, Tacho, etc.

3 x Spare ADC Inputs - 0-5V Inputs for second O2, etc.

1 x VR / Hall Sensor Input - This gives the ECU a total of 2 trigger inputs, e.g. one for the cam and one for the crank.

For an MS2 ECU see the MS2X Expansion Card available here

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